Artist: Audrey Martin

Growing up I was surrounded by parents and siblings who were creative and encouraging, so art was a natural part of my life 
I've always loved the look of oils, but disliked the clean-up and the toxicity, so early on I began to dabble in acrylics, adding gel mediums to replicate the look and texture of oil painting. Today that is my preferred medium and my signature style.
Several years ago I started teaching children’s classes, but parents kept asking if they could take classes too.  At that time I was rediscovering my own joy of painting, I filled large canvases with buildings, sweeping landscapes, cows, and roosters; a local brewpub and several shops in Hudson began selling my paintings.
Today I paint for myself and for classes.  I continue to teach both adults and children and I find it hugely rewarding to see people with little or no painting experience walk out of one of my classes thrilled with what they’ve learned and the beautiful painting that they can look at and say, “I did that.”.  I remember that feeling as a child taking my first painting classes and I’m very pleased to pass it on.