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Current & Upcoming Classes

Winter Cardinal

{Last in a series [spring robin;

summer chickadee; fall owl; winter cardinal]}

Six dates to choose from:

January 23, January 24, 

January 30,  February 6

February 13​February 21

6:30 PM

Urban Olive and Vine 


Fun relaxed painting classes for all ages, all occasions, and all abilities

Winter Birch Trees

(Last in the 4-part series of

BirchTrees through the seasons)

 Six dates to choose from:

January 31,  February 1,  

February 7,  February 8, 

February 15, February 22

6:00 PM

Pitchfork Brewing 


Meet Artist/Teacher Audrey Martin

 Audrey began sharing her love of painting in 2010 after painting classes for her daughters led to classes for their friends and ultimately requests from parents that she teach adult classes.  People throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota have discovered their own artistic talents thanks to Audrey's unique style and her hands-on approach to teaching -- many of her students come back again and again!